Corporate Housing in Charleston, SC

Corporate housing is a furnished residential apartment or condo made available for rent on a short-term, typically for 30 days or more. It is common for professionals in some industries to have to relocate, sometimes for extended stays, in order to run their business effectively. Hotels or traditional lodging suffice for a short stay, but corporate housing is perfect for extended stays in fully furnished apartments that can easily become home away from home.

Corporate housing is the perfect solution for employers that understand the importance of feeling at home and want to take care of their employees by providing the best accomodation possible. Originally chosen by business travelers or military families, corporate lodging has gained popularity with a large sector of people and industries in need of a short-term stay or extended stay, including the automotive industry, entertainment industry, human resources industry, travel agencies or people in government positions among others.

Besides all utilities, such as Wi-Fi connection, included in the monthly rate, corporate housing also offers the comforts of privacy of a home and are a great fit for families for a rate more economically friendly than most hotels.

With a wide variety of temporary housing options depending on your needs, choosing Charleston Corporate housing means you won’t have to worry about anything but learning about the city you are moving to.

Views of Charleston, SC

Charleston Corporate Housing

Named “the most polite and hospitable city in America” by Southern Living magazine, Charleston is the oldest and largest city in South Carolina. If you are looking for corporate housing, Charleston Corporate Housing is the perfect place to find the ideal home for your extended stay.

Founded by English colonists in 1670, Charleston grew from a colonial seaport to a wealthy city, becoming an important focal point for exports of rice, cotton and indigo. Today, the distinctive Historic District, also known as Charleston Old, is a National Historic Landmark and has become an ideal destination for tourists and visitors.

But not everything to see in Charleston is located in the Historic District. The plantations are also a must see for Charleston. Touring homes like Magnolia Plantation or Middleton Place, both close to Ashley River, is the perfect activity to get a feel of the Old South.

For history lovers, a visit to Fort Sumter, the place where the outbreak of the Civil War occurred, is a must. This National Monument is accessible through tour boats located at Liberty Square and Patriots Point. Visiting this sea fort is the perfect excuse to see the Charleston Harbor and learn more about American history.

Located next to the Atlantic Coast, Charleston also has some beautiful beaches. For the nature lovers who want to escape the frenetic rhythm of the city, the surrounding barrier islands and beaches are the best refuge.

Charleston Corporate Housing can help you find the perfect place to enjoy and make the most out of your business travels.